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The principle is straight forward. When the sun is shining, water is pumped through the solar collector and is heated by solar energy. This heated water then flows through a heat exchanger, warming the water stored in the hot water cylinder. The hot water in the cylinder can then be used for washing and bathing as required, with your boiler providing backup heating.

In the summer the water in the cylinder can reach a temperature of 80 deg C within half a day, and the insulation on the cylinder will keep the water warm for the next day. Typically the solar hot water system will reduce your domestic hot water bill by 50%.

The Low Flow System

A characteristic feature of the ISL solar system is the low flow rate through the solar panel. Most systems in the UK use a full flow system, based on central heating technology. The advantages of low-flow rate are:

i. Water passing through the solar panel will get heated up by about 30 deg C on a sunny day compared to about 3 deg C in a traditional solar system.

ii. The pump is only 3 watts instead of the 50 watts used on a full flow system making it ideal for powering with a small PV module.

What You Will Need

The systems sold by Imagination Solar Limited have four main components:
1.  A 2.7m2 solar collector panel (or more if required).
2.  A pre-assembled unit comprising of a pump, control unit and small drain back bottle.
3.  A hot water cylinder with solar heat exchanger.
4.  A PV module, or mains, power supply.

These components are plumbed together using insulated microbore copper pipe, before filling the solar system with normal tap water. The solar hot water system is normally set up in conjunction with the existing boiler.

There are no running costs for electricity with a PV powered solar system!

Due to the innovative drain back design of the system, no anti freeze is required and there are no maintenance problems due to pressure loss, as can occur in pressurised solar systems.



Diagram of our most popular system

Vented twin coil solar system

Our most popular system.
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