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The Imagination solar collector is fully compliant with all British and European standards, including BS EN 12975. It is particularly attractive when roof integrated, but can be mounted on a framework above the roof, or on a flat roof. This means the panel is actually recessed into the roof, rather than sitting on top of the tiles. This provides an attractive low profile appearance, very similar to a low lying 'Velux' window.

Installing the panel into the roof is very simple and can be done in a day. The tiles are removed, the panel is laid on the roof battens and the tiles are put back to the edge of the panel in a watertight fashion.

The solar panel has a highly transparent, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate cover which has been treated to ensure long life. Behind this is the solar absorber which is made of 0.2 mm copper sheet, covered with a black chromium oxide selective layer, and behind the absorber is 50mm of insulation.

As a result of these measures almost all the solar energy is absorbed and radiation losses are reduced to a minimum, ensuring high efficiency.

A kit is available for mounting the panels at an angle on flat roofs. (see an illustration)

Solar panel integrated with roofing tiles 

…the panel is recessed into the roof, rather than sitting on top of the tiles…

Section through solar panel
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