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The ideal lighting solution where there is no mains power. These off-grid lighting kits are perfect for lighting the shed, garage, stables or workshop.
Available in two sizes 5 watt and 10 watt.

A battery is required to store the solar electricity generated, and we strongly recommend that this system be used in conjunction with a charge controller, both of which are supplied separately.

SolarMate kits can be combined with our solar PV panels, connected in parallel, to create larger solar systems.

SolarMate Lighting Kits

More info on SolarMate (PDF)


IMPORTANT!  We can ONLY accept orders on-line for delivery to England, Wales and Scotland (except Highlands and Islands).  Please read this notice...

SolarMate 1, 5W lighting kit

Kit contains: 1 x 5W Solar PV panel, 1 x long life bulb (40W equivalent), 1 x bulb holder, 1 x wall switch, 5m cabling & connectors, 4 roof/wall mountings.

SolarMate 5W lighting kit

Price: £58.20 (excluding VAT)

SolarMate 2, 10W Lighting Kit

Kit contains: 1 x 10W Solar PV panel, 2 x long life bulbs (40W equivalent), 2 bulb holders, 1 x wall switch, 7m cabling & connectors, 4 roof/wall mountings.

SolarMAte 2, 10W lighting kit

Price: £109.37 (excluding VAT)

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