Solar Hot Water and Electric Systems  

Photos of Installations & Equipment


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Installations on pitched roofs

Solar system integration in older houses

solar collector on old terraced house Solar panel installation

Close up of the installation

A system installation sequence

1. House before installation

Before installation

2. Roof tiles are removed

Removing tiles

3. Lifting the solar panel up onto the roof

Raising the solar panel

4. Trimming tiles

Trimming tiles

5. Close up showing panel integrated with roof structure

Integration with roof structure

6. The finished installation

After installation

New Build Installations

Development with both flat and pitched roof installlationss

Installation of panels on
both flat and pitched roofs

Solar panels on houses behind boats

Horizontal aspect panels

Large scale solar water heating

Vertical panels next to skylights

Installation with PV solar panel to power the pump

This system also has a PV panel
to power the pump

Flat roof installations
 19 verticle panels mounted on a rack

19 Vertical panels mounted on rack

Flat roof before installation

Before installation

Installation completed

After installation

Close up of flat roof mounted solar panel 

Close up of the installation

Picture showing our panels installed oon a flat roof 

Flat roof installation showing
mounting arrangement

Swimming pool applications

13 panel installation

15 panel installation

System components
Pump unit installation

bottle unit (no enlargement)

installed pump unit with cover removed

bottle unit with cover removed
(no enlargement)

  view of control unit

Control unit

Control unit with cover removed

Control unit with cover removed

 Light sensor

Light sensor


Power supply
(no enlargement)

Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor

Photovolatic panel for powering pump and controller

PV panel for powering
pump and controller

Standard vented cylinder

Standard Vented Cylinder

Telford cylinder

Un-vented (mains pressure) Cylinder

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