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Simple, Affordable, Effective: Using the suns energy to heat water

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How cost effective are ISL solar systems?


Everyone always asks how much will a solar system save and how long will it be before I recoup the costs? The difficulty in answering is because it is a complex calculation which is different in each case. The more hot water you use, for example with more people in the house, the more you will save by having a solar system. Also if you use more hot water in sunny weather the more you will save, because that’s when free hot water is available. The other factor is the cost of your existing fuel, which may range from an efficient condensing gas boiler to an electric immersion heater. Each case is different but we would suggest carrying out cost effective measures such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation before considering purchasing a solar system. However a solar system is probably more cost effective than double glazing your home and is one of the vary few measures you can do in your home which actually contributes energy rather than merely reduce the amount used. If you do decide to get a solar system the most cost effective one is that which is efficient and at the lowest cost which is why we have done as much as possible at ISL to bring you a high quality low cost solar system.