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Can I use the ISL solar system with a Combi boiler?


Combi boilers, which provide instantaneous hot water and central heating, are now very popular in the UK. For this reason we offer solar systems with an un-vented cylinder or thermal store, suitable for providing pre-heated water to a combi. Unfortunately 99% of existing combi boilers in the UK will not accept the pre-heated hot water from a solar system. Therefore we do not provide specific advice on which makes and models are solar compatible, as the answer is usually 'no'. Please consult the technical department for your boiler manufacturer if you suspect yours may be compatible (e.g. Eco Hometec). If you are planning a new boiler we can recommend ATMOS boilers which we have successfully used with solar pre-heat. However, even with an old combi boiler there is a way around this problem by simply decommissioning the instantaneous hot water feature and installing a new dual coil solar cylinder. Please see data sheet below for details.

See our “Combi Boiler Datasheet”