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Why do you prefer to roof integrate the ISL solar panel?


Most solar systems either rest directly on top of the roof or are suspended just above the roof on brackets. We can mount on top of a roof, but prefer to fully integrate the ATON panels into the roof because:
  • Our roof integrated panel provides a very attractive low profile when integrated into the roof covering. Being sunken below tile level it’s actually lower than a typical rooflight.
  • The streamlined design helps keep the panel in place and minimise any potential noise in high winds.
  • There are no tiles or slates hidden under the panel which are inaccessible for maintenance or renewal.
  • In new build there is a considerable saving of tiles or slates where the panel is fitted.
  • In existing roofs many tiles and slates become available for repairs elsewhere
  • All plumbing is safe and dry inside the roof space.
  • No control sensor wires are fitted on the roof, very often fitted by drilling holes through roof tiles and sealing with mastic.
  • Fitting the panel to the roof normally only takes one day.
  • The cover has an special UV anti-aging treatment which prevents reduction of light transmission by more than 6% in over 10 years. In the unlikley event of a damaged cover (virtually unbreakable) a separate a replacement is available at low cost.