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Simple, Affordable, Effective: Using the suns energy to heat water

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Why use a polycarbonate cover for the ISL solar panel?


The one piece injection moulded polycarbonate cover is preferred to the typical ‘box’ construction panel for a number of reasons:
  • A polycarbonate cover is virtually unbreakable, unlike glass covered panels or evacuated tubes and the polycarbonate has been specially treated to maintain light transmission over many years to avoid yellowing, brittleness and deterioration. Ideal if you suffer from vandalism, including those with four legs or two wings!
  • There is no need for aluminium side pieces for the panel which add to both cost and weight of most solar systems. For those interested in the environment, the embodied energy (energy used in manufacture) is therefore much lower for the ATON solar system, than for heavy aluminium ‘box’ panels, which typically weigh three times as much.