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Simple, Affordable, Effective: Using the suns energy to heat water

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Why should I buy an ISL solar system?


At ISL it not our aim to trick customers into buying a solar system by high pressure sales techniques, gimmicks or unjustifiable claims about savings to be made. The ISL system has been independently tested and the performance figures are freely available for comparison. They show the system to perform very well in its class, which is for a typical Dutch system with a panel area of 2.7 square metres. Now taking into account the fact that is is PV powered and the minimal maintenance requirements we believe that the ISL panel has the edge on its competitors. However the ‘bottom line’ as a potential customer is how much does the ISL system cost compared to other systems in its class? Our answer is that we believe we are providing one of the lowest-cost and best value solar systems in the UK and we therefore encourage you to compare our prices with any other suppliers. We believe you will come back to order your system from ISL.