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ALTENER is the European Union (EU) non-technological programme promoting the use of renewable energy sources (RES) within the EU. It is the only European programme devoted entirely to renewable energy.

ALTENER's aim is to help achieve a doubling of the use of RES from 6% of total EU consumption in 1996 to 12% by 2010. This Altener project is a marketing action in the housing sector with the objective of raising awareness of the potential benefits of glazed sunspaces, but also pointing out the possible consequences if they are not designed or used correctly. To this end a four phase task was carried out by six partners, over a wide range of climatic regions, in the UK, France, Denmark, Norway and Spain.

The phases comprised:

1. Collection of performance data, photographs, diagrams etc. from existing sources and by new energy monitoring of sunspaces.
2. Evaluation and analysis of data in order to draw conclusions on design issues.
3. Production of a brochure providing design advice and a series of case studies.
4. Marketing campaign aimed at builders and housing associations.

This web page is part of the last part of the marketing campaign in the UK, following a targeted mailout of brochures by post and larger mailout by e-mail. It is intended to offer open access the brochures online or alternatively order a hard copy by post. It is brought to you by Energy and Imagination Ltd who have been involved in phases 1, 2 and 4.



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Glazed Sun Spaces - project sheets

Glazed Sun Spaces Project Brochure (241kB)

Hockerton - Nottingham UK > Page 1 (249kB); Page 2 (136kB) (Images are courtesy of Hockerton Housing Project Trading Ltd)

Portsmouth - Hampshire UK (157kB)

Reading - Berkshire - UK (160kB)

Ouest Croix Rousse - Lyon - France >Page one (296kB); Page two (158kB)

Mazorel - Crest - France >Page one (244kB); Page two (205kB)

Klosterenga - Oslo - Norway (327kB)

Heimdal Solar House - Trondheim - Norway (293kB)

The Yellow House - Aalborg - Denmark > Page 1 (165kB); Page 2 (129kB)

Englesby - Near Flensburg - Germany > Page 1 (135kB); Page 2 (124kB)